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Me So Horny Edited


Mas letras de 2 Live Crew

Oh, so horny….Ohh, so horny….Ohh, so horny.
Me love you long time.
Oh, so horny….Ohh, so horny….Ohh, so horny.
Me love you long time.
Me, so horny….So, so horny…Me, so horny.
Me love you long time.
Me, so horny….So, so horny… Me, so horny….
Me love you long time.

Sittin’ at home watchin’ Arsinio Hall, so I got my black book for a freak to call.
Picked up the telephone and dialed the seven digits.
Said yo this is Marquis baby, are you down with it?
I arrived at her house, knocked on the door.
Not having no idea of what the night had in store.

I’m like a dog in heat, a freak without warning.
I have an appetite for love ‘cause me so horny.
Oh, me so horny….Ohh, me so horny…Oh, me so horny.
Me love you long time.
Oh, me so horny….Oh, so, so horny….Oh, me so horny.
Me love you long time

Girls always ask me why I buck so much.
I say what’s wrong baby doll, with being a mutt?
‘Cause my nature is rising and you shouldn’t be mad.
I won’t tell your momma if you don’t tell your dad.
I know he’ll be disgusted when he sees your clothes all messed up.
Won’t your momma be so mad if she knew you’ve just been had.

I’m a freak in heat, a dog without warning.
My appetite is love, ‘cause me so horny.
Oh, so horny….Ohh, so horny…Oh, so horny.
Me love you love time.
Oh, so horny….Oh, so, so horny….Oh, so horny.
Me love you long time

You can say I’m desperate.
Even call me perverted, but you’ll say I’m a dog when I leave you lost and deserted.
I’ll play witcha your heart and will show no shame.
I’ll be blowin’ your mind ‘cuase you’re lame to the game.
I’m just like that man they call Georgie Puddin’ Pie.
I’ll break their girls hearts and I make them cry.

I’m like a dog in heat, a freak without warning.
I have an appetite for love ‘cause me so horny.
Oh, so horny….Ohh, so, so horny….Oh, so horny.
Me love you long time
Oh, so horny….Oh, so, so horny….Oh, so horny.
Me love you long time

Ohh, so horny….Ohh, h so horny….Oh, so horny.
Ohh, so, so horny….Ohh, so horny.
Me love you long time

It’s true you were alone until you met me.
I was the first to dress you up and made you sexy.
You tell your parents that we’re going out.
Never to the movies, just straight to my house.
You said it yourself. You like it like I do.
Put your arms around me and squeez me too.

I’m a freak in heat, a dog without warning.
I have an appetite for love ‘cause me so horny.
Oh, me so horny….Ohh, so so horny….Oh, me so horny.
Me love you long time
Oh, me so horny….Ohh, so so horny….Oh, me so horny.
Me love you long time.

Savage In The Sack


Mas letras de 2 Live Crew

Mr. Mixx in a deep voice

Intro: [Excerpt from a porno movie of a woman being fucked]

Mr. Mixx:
Yeah, bitch. I know you used to clown and talk shit in high school
when we was fuckin’ around … ‘cause I couldn’t fuck. But now I’m
back, BITCH! To let yo’ punk ass know that I can really dick ‘em
down, ‘cause I’m a …

Chorus (4x): Mr. Mixx and Brother Marquis
Savage in the sack, baby, I’ll break ya back, baby
It’s like that from the front to the back, baby

Verse 1: Fresh Kid Ice
An original dicksmith, one of the three
Fresh Kid Ice, long dick Chinese
A savage in the morning, a savage in the sack
When it’s time for sex I’ll break ya fuckin’ back
There’s no time for slack, so give me ‘nuff respect,
And I’ll dick ya down like a Trinnie roughneck!
Throbbin’ that pussy like a Tonka toy
‘Cause you’re fuckin’ with a man, not a little boy
{Sho’ you right. All pussy ain’t good pussy.
But nuttin’ don’t beat that savage pussy. You know that
pussy that breathes, the snappin’ pussy, that have
ya head fucked up. You know I’m a big muthafucka;
I might lay heavy, but I damn sho’ can’t go deep, baby.}
Let me ride that ass from front to back
The one-armed bandit is a savage in the sack, baby


Verse 2: Brother Marquis
She’s the baddest bitch to ever hit the matress
Very attractive, yet orally active
Beautiful but deadly; I can’t let her get me
Despite all the things she does to try and tip me
Fattest (?) turd ever stinked a pair o’ draws
Hot dick in a cock, smokin’ head and them blue balls
The finest thing hoein’, not like I ain’t knowin’
Sex game strong, leave the savage alone
She’ll turn a trick and suck a nigga-dick
And don’t want a nigga to nut too quick
If you slip she’ll catch ya, you’re caught in the rapture
Don’t fall in love when the pussy’s thrown at ya
You’re caught in the spell {Ha ha ha ha … oh well!}
Savage in the sack, fuck like hell
{You have to have a strong mind to fuck with a savage,
‘Cause it’ll have ya head fucked up every time.}


{Yeah. I know y’all know who I am in here. I’m just down here hangin’
out with m’ boys … Brother Marquis, Fresh Kid Ice, and Mr. Mixx.
We’re players from way back. We used to mutt out hoes together
and everything, y’ know. But uh, my lil’ thangs jumped off again for
me, so I’m just hollerin’ at my peoples.
Y’all brothers stay strong, and
… practice what you preach. Ha ha ha ha ha ha ha, HA HA HA HA HA
HA HA HA HA HA … yeah, y’all thought I was gone, didn’t ya?
Yeah, I’ve been hangin’ out since the intro, ba-by!
Flip it over. There’s some mo’ funky shit on the other side.
Sho’ you right

Hanging Out


Mas letras de 2 Live Crew

[«It’s not the way to do it!»]
[«Shut up bitch!»]
[«Yeahhhhh boyyyyy!»]
[«You are now about to witness the strength of street knowledge.»]
[«This is serious business.»]
[«Come by boy!»]

Verse 1: Fresh Kid Ice
Hangin’ on the corner, lookin’ real sporty
Coolin’ with the fellas while downin’ a 40
Nothing to do, just killin’ time
Sittin’ on my ride with my hand on my 9
Gettin’ a buzz, feelin’ kinda nice
Homie dropped a 20, so we shot some dice
We played for a while, ‘till my luck was out
So the bitches walked by and my dick popped out
Rankin’ on the bitches hanging in the street
It’s feedin’ time, so hoe, come eat
Nibble on this dick, make me just say please
You know how it’s done, like a rat does cheese
The hoe started buggin’, jumped in my face
Since the boys were stressin’, I had to punch her in the face
Grabbed the weave, stuffed it in her mouth
Don’t fuck with the Kid while I’m hangin’ out!

(Interval: Marquis talking. Most of his words are indistinct.)

Verse 2: Brother Marquis
Me and my nigga, rollin’ hard
Hangin’ out, the whole nine yards
I’m smokin’ a fat one, takin’ a 40 to the head
Watch out, fool, get shot dead
And bitches clownin’, cryin’ and all that
But yet, still, I keep my gat
Rollin’ real hard in a six-tre (’63)
Motherfuckin’ punk, step out my way
And all you fools in the game, you silly-ass lames
You can’t fuck with me; I’m wild and not tame
Like a savage beast, I’m out on the street
So, motherfucker, what’s up with that? You wanted beef?
Punk, you got a problem? I’ll solve ‘em!
I pulled his gat; his life cost him
So don’t fuck with me while I’m around in the back
I’m always strapped when I’m hangin’ out!

A Fuck Is A Fuck


Mas letras de 2 Live Crew

Mixx’s lines during verses

Intro: Mr. Mixx

YEAH NIGGA! 2 motherfuckin’ Live is back in this raggedy motherfucker,

You know what I’m sayin’! We are the undisputed originators of this X-

Right, I got Marquis to my left, I got Luke over her to the side, you know

Rated rap game, you know what I’m sayin’! I got my man Kid Ice to my

What I’m sayin’? Hey, yo, man, hey, kick that shit!

Verse 1: Fresh Kid Ice

Bitches on the dick ‘cause of who I am (Yeah!)

The Fresh Kid Ice, the Chinaman

Movin’ from the bottom straight to the top (Fool!)

And I’m out for mine just to get one nut (Yeah.)

Splackin’ every day, always wearin’ the glove

A bitch must be stupid to fall in love (Ha!)

So bitch, if you want to fuck with me,

‘Cause the Kid love pussy, and nothin’ but the pussy (Yeah!)

Take a number (Fool!) and don’t keep fronitn’

I got plenty many bitches to Move Somethin’ (Yeah!)

I gots no time for silly games

So it’s up to you, either hang on or stroll on!

Only real bitches, not sorry lames (Ha ha!)

If that’s what you want, you’re shit out of luck

(My man ain’t got no time for no motherfuckin’ woman!)

I’m out for the pussy ‘cause a fuck is a fuck! (Fool!)

Chorus (3x): Mr. Mixx

A fuck is a fuck, NIGGA!

A fuck is a fuck, HOE!

(A fuck is a fuck, NIGGA! Yo, Marquis, kick that shit!)

Verse 2: Brother Marquis

Some girls do and some girls don’t (True.)

Some girls will and some girls won’t (Yeah.)

Like I said before, a fuck is a fuck!

Some girls fuck and some girls cry (Yeah.)

Triflin’ hoes, it’s you I salute (Yeah!)

Some girls suck and some girls lie

And if you’re lookin’ for love, you’re outta place

‘Cause a bitch is gonna fuck who she wants to (True dat!)

‘Cause you’ll only get a fuck and some nut in your face! (Yeah!)


(A fuck is a fuck, NIGGA! Yo, break this shit down, my nigga!)


Now, the example of a fuck is just a fuck. But let it be known that it’s

Onlya fuck. See, some of y’all niggas get caught up in … fuckin’ a woman,

And thinkin’ that’s your woman, when it’s just a fuck. And some of y’all

Men … that’s just a fuck! So a fuck is just a fuck!

Ladies just get caught up with men, when they might be somebody else’s

Outro: Mr. Mixx

So there you have it, you know what I’m sayin’! 2 Live is back in this

Number five on the motherfuckin’ wall, fool! We are the originators,

Motherfucker, you know what I’m sayin’! We goin’ for motherfuckin’

You know what I’m sayin’! Can’t nobody fuck with us in this X-rated

Rap game, and anybody that tries that fuck shit, know what’s up for


2 Live Is What We Are… (word)


Mas letras de 2 Live Crew

2 Live Crew 2 Live Is What We Are… (word)

1-2 1-2
I am the dominating fresh kid ice
And i am the brother marquis, marquis your brother
And introducing to you on the two turntables:
The treach dj mr. mixx

[ verse 1: brother marquis ]
We get the red carpet treatment cause we’re well respected
Always accepted and never rejected
Our defense is made when we take the stage
The crowd gets excited and goes in a rage
Cause we’re generating and demonstrating
All of the talents that we’re accumulating
And by doing this we’ll go real far
Because – 2 live is what we are
We’re highly publicized and advertised
Our music’s in your ear, our face in your eyes
We’re good to go and goin to be good
We’ve done the right thing like you knew we would
Because we are here for your dancing pleasure
With our microphones, cause that’s what we treasure
Now the man you see, who has hands of magic
His name is mr. mixx, so come on a scratch it

[ verse 2: brother marquis ]
You can call me brother marquis, marquis your brother
The t-e-s-t i pass with with flying colors
I’m capable and on the case
Gettin straight to the point with no time to waste
The point is that this party needs to be rocked
Wioth drummin thumpin beats around the clock
>from odds to outspoken to opinionated
In need of a rhyme i will create it
The best is yet to come, with much much more
You got me rockin you with my rhymes galore
Now my rhymes won’t stop, my rhymes won’t quit
Just give me the mic and i rock it
On to the break of dawn
I will rock y’all to the early morn
Cause i’m the demonstrating, the dominating
Annihilator, brutalor, mc-hating
So all mc’s must step on off
Cause i’m lettin you know who’s the boss
Now kid ice, you know you’re twice as nice
Why don’t you get up on the mic and start to recite?

[ verse 3: fresh kid ice ]
Cause they call me kid ice, the ladies’ fire
When i enter a room, ladies fill we desire
Anytime i’m good, yes on the mic
I said the girls keep comin back every night
Cause i dress so fresh, my voice is clean
I can rock party people, yes even the queen
In england, germany, france and japan
The ladies know that i’m the man
Who keep em from the kitchen just doin their dishes
Cause i have em in bed fulfillin their wishes
I got a degree in makin love
Yes i got it from my father just up above
I could take a girl from any man
With a twitch of my lips or wave of a hand
So to all you guys out there tonight
Grab your girl, hold her tight
Say treat her with respect and treat her right
Cause i might be in town for just one night

(do it)
(1-2-3-4-5-6 do it)
(we’re here)
(we’re back)



Mas letras de 2 Live Crew

Yo soy Juanita, pero no soy sueltecita
Tu crees que porque estoy vestida así soy una puta?
Oye yo vengo de una familia muy católica
No mijito, yo no mamo ninguna pinga

I bumped into her at the Coco Cabana
Down in Cuban town in little Havana
I asked her her name, she said, Juanita
I just had to ask 'cuz I just had to meet her
I heard of fast girls but she's a speeder

She said she was hungry and told me to feed her
So I got an expresso and a hot burrito
You look so sweet you fine senorita
Mamalopenga, mama sita
It's a black thing, baby, so you know it's sweeter

Okay Juanita, now I must be your guy
She said, Juanita's my nickname, call me Spanish Fly

Bueno, tal vez te pueda hacer el favor
Pero solo si tú me mamas la chocha
Y después yo te mamo la pinga

Black girls, white girls, even Puerto Ricans
But the Mexicans and Cubans are all so freakin'
I like 'em in dresses with big 'ole chesses
I also like the style and the way she impresses

The fragrance of her perfume smells like roses
She's guaranteed to turn heads whenever she poses
She lives in Miami and of Latin descent
And being with her is how my time should be spent

I met her in the berries on a Friday night
Dressed in a soft silky dress color virgin white
I said, «Hey pretty lady, just suck on my finger
And tonight you're the one to Mamalopenga»

¡Ay Ice, qué grande eres
El señor Mix me mamó y mamó muy rico
¡Ay papi, chúpame papi
Sigue no pares, más más, ¡más rápido
¡Ayy, qué bueno estas papi

No, más, no pares
Otra vez, otra vez papi
¡Qué rico, qué grande la tienes
Todos los muchachos son como tú?
Qué bueno estas papi

Ghetto Bass Ii


Mas letras de 2 Live Crew

Ghetto style Dee-Jays
Don't touch that stereo
Ghetto bass, Ghetto bass
Ghetto bass, Ghetto bass

What's up, party people, we're back again
Bringin' you the message from some of our friends
They're the funkiest crew from the heart of the city
When the amps are on, they'll take no pity

'Cause Ghetto has the style that has the girls jockin'
When you talk about the system, all you say is, «Rockin'»
Others hear the name, they scream out loud
'Cause they are known to move the crowd

When you hear the sound, they'll stop and wonder
Then gaze upon the speaker, the wall of thunder
Standin' on the ground, 3 stories high
The deepest bass and the real fresh high

So step off your throne, they're on the loose
The DJ's from Miami with all the juice
So consider yourself warned, they're back on the case
It's Luke Skywalker and the Ghetto Style Bass

Ghetto, get up
Ghetto, get up
Ghetto, get up
Ghetto, get up

Ghetto, get up
Ghetto, get up
Ghetto, get up
Ghetto, get up

To some, 'Ghetto' is a name, to others a tradition
In the city of boom, there can never be an addition
Of any of the DJ's to rock the land
Like the ones from the city and the boys from Pac-Jam

Handsome Harry, you know the brother was strong
He ain't dared any man to get him wrong
L.A. Jay, this young brother doesn't play
He'll strong-arm any sucker who gets in his way

Baby Ced, Liberty City born and bred
Always known for the knowledge and sense of the head
Disco Gene, he's reunited with the team
He was gone for a while but back in the swing of things

Amazing Chico, a king to his trade
Known as Bernie B. on 9-1-7 Bass
And G.I. Joe, who has the girls by the row
He always gets cased 'cause his game is gettin' slow

And last but not least, marvelous J.P.
And we can't forget Cisco, we're glad you are free
So one day to your kids you will tell the story
Of how the Ghetto Style DJ's achieved their glory

Ghetto bass, Ghetto bass
Ghetto bass, Ghetto bass
Ghetto bass, Ghetto bass
Ghetto bass, Ghetto bass

Ghetto bass, Ghetto bass
Ghetto bass, Ghetto bass
Ghetto bass, Ghetto bass
Ghetto bass, Ghetto bass

Look out everybody
Look out everybody
'Cause they're in the place
It's Luke Skywalker and the Ghetto Bass

Ghetto bass, Ghetto bass
Ghetto bass

2 Live Party


Mas letras de 2 Live Crew

Chorus: KC
Do ya wanna have a party?
2 live is throwin’ another party!
Buttnaked ass shakin’ party
Ten thousand motherfuckers at the party
We’re gonna see ya at the party
Another motherfuckin’ 2 live party

Verse 1: Fresh Kid Ice
Deep down south, we love to party
Dance floors packed, hoes shakin’ they bodies
70’s music still rulin’ the disco
>From South Beach to San Francisco
A late night fever, a sex crazed land
Wild-ass hoes to the one night stand
Swettin’ the freaks with the tightest skirts
Talk about they ride, a 60s ‘Vert
Listenin’ to oldies bumpin’ the sounds
Forget that shit, buy the underground
Underground station that ain’t legit
Playin’ them cuss-words, dropping that shit
Party from the club, to the streets
Hangin’ on cars, solicitin’ freaks
It ain’t over, it’s time to play
Don’t stress ya’ll, let’s par-tyyy!


Verse 2: Freak Nasty
I put my hand up on your hip
When I dip, you dip, we dip
So c’mon baby, just Pop That P’
And watch Freak Nasty Throw that D, yeah
Ain’t nuthin’ like a 2 live party
When them hoes freak everybody
Them other girls just bore me
But the 2 Live girls make Me So Horny
I had a hoe doin’ S & M
Marquis had a hoe doin’ her and him
Chinaman had ‘em gettin’ down low
And m’ boy King T was bringin’ three mo’
Come one come all if you can hang
But you gotta Move Somethin’ and Do the Damn Thang
Clay D got the bottle and I got the blunt
2 Live, Freak Nasty, what’s up!


Verse 3: Brother Marquis
What’ll know ‘bout havin’ a party?
Fall up in the club, the envy of everybody
You make the money, so spend it
Baller parkin’ Benz’s lookin’ like millions
I’m in the back of the club gettin’ blessed g-fresh
Drinkin’ n’ smokin’ the best, and nothin’ less
Champagne poppin’, chicken heads flockin’
The DJ’s rockin’, got the whole house hoppin’
Let’s make this night one to remember
If you fuckin’ with me, you’re fuckin’ with a real nigga
You can jump in the ‘Vert, baby, and ride out
I’ll have you suckin’ me up at the hide-out
Tell a bitch quick, I ain’t beggin’ nor buyin’
Get the fuck up out my face, who the fuck you tryin’?
It’s a good time nigga, that’s what I’m all about
Get the money get the pussy, get the map, I’m out


2 Live Is Here


Mas letras de 2 Live Crew

2 Live Crew 2 Live Is Here

Juvenile voice:
I love my music, my nasty music, it makes me happy, when i am sad,
You don’t know how, how much i love it, please don’t take my 2 live away…

Clay d:
Yo-o-o-o-o-o, let’s go! (heyy!!)
Get it up, get it up! (come on!)
Come on now, get it! (everybody!!)
Get it up, get it up! (come on!)
2 live is here, come on! (heyyyyy!)
Everybody! (come on, come on!)
Just get on down! (just get on down!)
Let’s go! let’s go! (ow! ow!)

Verse 1
[kid ice] here we go, back to turn it out
The nastiest niggas representin’ the south
With the freakiest bitches from the sunshine state
Dissin’ off niggas out to playa hate
Butt-naked hoes is all we do
‘cause no one got the freaks like the crew
Runnin’ through the nation without a care
Holler at your boys, 2 live is here!
[marquis] you’re fuckin’ with the best of ‘em, fuck the rest of ‘em
After me there’ll be no more left of ‘em
The last booty-shake gangsta
Look at all the bread that the booty can make ya
I got the booty doin’ big thangs
So bow down to the kings of the motherfuckin’ booty-game
Well-known worldwide,
This is 2 live, until the day i die!

(2 live crew) (they’re back!)
(2-2 live crew) (say-whut-say-whut?)
(2 live crew) (they’re-back-they’re-back!)
(2 live crew) (get-loose-get-loose-now!)
(2 live crew) (they’re-back-they’re-back!)
(2-2 live crew) (say whut?)
(2-2 live crew) (get-loose-get-loose-now!)
(2 live crew) (they’re back!)

Verse 2
[kid ice] we’re nasty as we wanna be
They dropped the ban and set us free
Lil’ joe turned us loose in the united states
To see how much wreck we’d create
‘cause there ain’t no party like a 2 live party
‘cause a 2 live party don’t stop!
So come to the party and have no fear
Holler at your boys, 2 live is here!
[marquis] unknown whereabouts, somewhere smoked out
Dickin’ a bitch’s mouth off in a trickin’ house
Ridin’, lickin’, peepin’, blowin’
Stop, pick up the bitch that’s hoin’, and keep goin’
Marquis ain’t gon’ ever change
I’ma stay in the street just as well as my name
Shine like the diamond i’m named after
When it comes to trickin’ hoes, i’m a motherfuckin’ master


Verse 3
[kid ice] we’re the first motherfuckers in the bass game
Respect is due when you mention our name
Representin’ the south with the bottom-boy style
Known worldwide with the miami style
‘cause there ain’t nothin’ better in any land
Than the brother marquis and the chinaman!
Bow down to the best from far and near
It’s the real ones, baby, 2 live is here!
[marquis] smokin’ blunts by the pack, drunk off ‘gnac
Watchin’ my ones stack, i got it like that
Bitches know what’s the time with me
I fuck ‘em ‘till they skeet and leave they name in the street
Brother marquis ain’t nothin’ to fuck with
So don’t get mad if i fuck and i nut quick
I’m off the chain, i’m off the key
Uncut g, nasty as i wanna be


Clay d:
Heyy! oww, work it! (don’t stop, don’t stop!)
Pump it up, pump it up! (pump it up, get it up!)
Get-get it, get it! (come on, come on!)
Shake, get-get it! (ow, just work it!)
Work yo’ body! (shake it, shake it!)
Don’t stop, work it! (don’t, don’t…)
Oww! pump it up, pump it up! oww! (get loose now!)
A party, baby! (say what, say what!)
2 live, baby! (it ain’t nothin’ but a party!)
It’s ’98! (come on, let’s get it!)
Just work it on, get it on!
Shake it on, get it on! (2 live crew!)
Yo’ body! (you know we gotta, get loose now!)