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Ballad Of A Dead Soulja


Mas letras de Tupac Shakur

Yeah.. ballad of a dead soulja
Its just the balled of a dead soulja
This is the ballad of a dead soulja
Ballad of a dead soulja

The plan, to take command of the whole family
Though underhanded, to be the man it was planned
All my road dawgs, official mob figures love to act up
The first to bomb when we rob niggaz
I could be…. lost in my own mind
To be the boss only thoughts
Grippin chrome nines
Niggaz get tossed up
War scars battlefield memories
Swore I saw the devil in my empty glass of Hennessy
Talking to a nigga on the tight leash
Screaming fuck the police, as I ride thru the night streets
Little child running wild, taught us danger, watch the car
Don’t be alone death to all the strangers
Maybe I’m a mad man…. a pistol grabbing nigga
I meet the sand man, promise of merciless retaliation
Nothing is colder, close ya eyes
Hear the ballad of a dead soulja

Thug for Life I will be
(Its just the balled of a dead soulja)
A Life of Crime I will lead
(Close ya eyes and hear the ballad of a dead soulja)
You play the game you play to win
(This just the balled of a dead soulja)
It’s a crazy world full of sin
(Close ya eyes)

Completely lost, revenge at all costs
Pay backs a bitch, switch now the tricks crossed
Tossed up and never to be heard of
A single witness screaming bloody murder.. murder
Blast tell me homie what ya see now
A blind man and a dead body
I’m meant to leave town
And get my cash tho’
Hook up wit Kastro
Homie had to blast on the task force
Stupid coppers tried to play us out, never that
They took my money and my stash