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Blue Bird


Mas letras de 10cc

Blue bird take me on your wing
Teach me how to fly
Teach me how to sing
Blue bird, guardian of my soul
Inside everybody
Is a story to be told
I came in from the cold
When I found someone
Strong enough to bear
The strain of our existence
And troubles everywhere
But time heals
And I know you’ll be there… ooh
Blue bird symphony in flight
Symbol of the dawn
Symbol of the night
I’ll try with all my might to be a brother, brother, brother
Always there for you
Mother (mother, mother) knowing what to do
And farther than anyone has flown
Courage to spread your wings alone
And who will help me?
Blue bird
Blue bird stranger to these shores
I look into your eyes
Have you been here before
Take me through the door to Heaven
Show me the treasures that you keep
The magic of the sky
And the beauty of the deep
And I’ll do what I have to do
Be one of the chosen few
Fly anywhere with…
Blue blue bird, blue bird
Blue bird, (Yeah)