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Changed Man


Mas letras de Tupac Shakur

[Tupac Talking]

Shit, I’m a changed man
Hey turn the lights up
Still ballin’, 2pac up in this bitch
You know how we swing this shit

[Verse 1: Tupac]

By age 16 I sold to dope fiends
Not a drug dealer but I watched them closely
Until they noticed me
I got the feds wondering who broke the law
Fuck too inhibited for gun smoke I broke his jaw
Words harder than a fucking diamond
Mobile phone call to Simon, niggas trippin’ homie, when we riding?
Fuck ‘em slowly like Jodeci
I’d stick a needle in my eye
If I don’t live and die for M.O.B
And fuck your homeboys nigga we can drop the guns
I hit your block and we can box for fun
Nigga one on one
Last to fall is a baller cat
It’s death row why the fuck u think we call it that?
So if u knew me in my past life
Don’t act like we homeboys
Ain’t no love in the fast life
I switch gears on them jealous bitches
Who do you fear?
The game plan of a changed man
So what I’m saying is


I changed plans but I’m still the same old ridah
(Fucking with a changed man)
I slang a new dope to the world but the people still buy it up
(Nigga you fucking with a changed man)
All my real thug niggas go and get your hands up now, your gonna flip your hands up
(Fucking with a changed man)
Changed man, you dealing with a changed man

(Hey, eh, eh)

[Verse 2]

In drop top
Glock cocked
Got rocks in ma socks
Cops spot Watt niggas
But hard to stop niggas
Not if the gat niggas
Doughboys and hot niggas
Who might have shot niggas
But only by strolling
Out for respect
Now days they expect me to be in a Ferrari or the ol