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Mas letras de 3 Little Women

boy_ ) Them playas gon play
Them hatas gon hate
Them ballas gonna ball
Them callas gon call
Let em know

(Naturi) I don’t mind
What people say or do
But I do mind
What you believe is true you are the only one getting all my love cause what
they do ain’t nothing new

Plays gon play
And hatas there gonna hate
Ballas they ball
Shot callers there gonna call
That ain’t got nothing to do
With me and you
Thats the way it is(x2)

So called friends
Don’t wanna see me with you
Behind your back
Callin my cell and pager to no matter what they do
I will stay true, only to you, only to you


I want you to know, Ill never let you go, there gonna talk about everything ya
hear cause I know that it ain’t true
You can trust my love
And I can trust yours to
OUr love, will be forever Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah

(Chorus till fade) (x3