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Ghetto Star


Mas letras de 2pac

For all my niggas in the hood
Livin' the life of a ghetto star
You know, you know how we do it

Just holla my name an' witness game official
Niggas is so shamed they stand stiff like scared bitches
While I remain inside a paradox called my block
Though gunshots is promise to me, when will I stop?

I hit the weed an' hope to God I can fly high
Witness my enemies die when I ride by
They shouldn't have tried me I send they bodies to their parents up north
With they faces, they wrists and they nuts cut off

«Fuck 'em all,» what I scream as I dream in tounges
Fuck a trick, get me rich an' the bitches will come
Bust my gun, make 'em all scatter
Bullets to my nuts only made my balls fatter

Eat a dick, biatch, mercy, never that
Have them say you comin' back, bring it on, forever strapped
Introduce you to the pleasure an' the pain, you can go so far
Just sell me ya soul, livin' in the life of a ghetto star

I live the life of a thug nigga, drug dealer livin' game tight
Mug niggas, slug niggas for the fame life
Laced with game, practice on takin' pain
Quick to slain an' let it rein through your brain

Street smart, efficient, intelligent
An' keep suckers hitten 'til snitches start smellin' me
Movin' niggas with telekinesis
Keepin' Channel 7 at work filmin' different features

Beatin' niggas to an early death with their head blown
An' to those who didn't make it to the morgue was just dead an' gone
An' hope niggas got punished, kidnapped
Jacked in the back with macks to they lap rats waitin' to get done

We tossed his ass out, mob related
One more nigga found shot up with his dick in his mouth
Printed my name in tha streets as a motherfuckin' G
Now the next generations lookin' up to me

Walkin' through the cemetery, talkin' to my homies that was buried
See my enemies wanna see me dead I ain't worried
Forgive me, please give me shelter for all my fears
Lifted my head from my hands, had a palm of tears

I see bodies gettin' splashed with acid
Two shots rang from the plastic glock, wrapped in plastic
Bury the bastard, time to notify
His family, shit, ain't nothin' left to be identified

Evacuate the crime scene fast
Why? Heard the Feds had a warrant for my ass
Fly, I won't touch down 'til I see Tijuana
Set up shop sellin' them crooked cops marijuana

Label me a success, I made this switch
Retired from the life that never gave me shit
With cash that I couldn't spend, countless cars
An addict for a wife, my life as a ghetto star

Got the word that some nerds wanna plot on this
Hit the curb, let it swerve, had to stop they grip
No remorse, no repentance as I buck one down
Straight to the morgue as I plan on shuttin' shit down

Born soldiers, fucked him up with a mac 4
Torn ligaments, all up in that niggas shoulder
And a vest couldn't protect that flesh
'Cause I got slugs to knock the air outta your chest

Death, apparently they wasn't sucker free
'Cause I had all them wannabe thug niggas in protective custody
I guess they heard that I got them birds
Thought I was a nerd 'til I bucked one of them to the curb

Luxury livin' lavish with dreams of dyin' rich
With a team an' clientele on my motherfuckin' dick
An' gettin' down on these snitch bitches
Protectin' riches, by givin' stitches life as a ghetto star

When I grow up I wanna be like them
My life as a ghetto star
When I grow up I wanna be like them
My life as a ghetto star

When I grow up I wanna be like them
Live my life as a ghetto star
When I grow up I wanna be like them
An' live my life as a ghetto star

When I grow up I wanna be like them
An' live my life as a ghetto star
When I grow up I wanna be like them
An' live my life as a ghetto star

This goes out to all you motherfuckers out there that still
Have to kill to make that money
All you niggas on the blocks, sellin' rocks
Hand to hand, runnin' from the police

I see you live your life as a ghetto star
Talkin' to hood rat bitches, claimin' you gettin' riches
Runnin' from tha playa haters
Livin' life as a ghetto star

Niggas with two strikes that don't wanna see the third
I feel you
This is the Don Makaveli
Livin' my life as a ghetto star, fuck 'em