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Girl With the World in Her Eyes


Mas letras de 2 Skinnee Js

Here I go! Geronimo! Vertigo to free fall
The girl sets my heart racing, but my engine is stalled
Now I pace myself ‘cause I gotta stay in front man
Blast like an astronaut, crash like a stunt man
To worlds where witty boys get the pretty girls they merit
But she holds the saddle, the stick, the carrot
So I rise like degrees in July or fall faster
Luck is a lady, but I wouldn’t put it past her
As she fills me with thrills like a roller coaster Or slams me with amps
like a bath with a toaster
Now my knees are shaking and I find my spine is gone
From holding up the pedestal that I’ve put her on
I should’ve studied science cause I tend to forget
That for every action there’s an equal and opposite reaction
Well I must’ve slept through that one, cause now I’m on thin ice with
no traction

Is she thinking of you? No she just thought she knew me
But she’s looking at you! No she’s looking through me
And now I realize I’ve got no shape or size to the girl with the world in
her eyes
So I keep bouncing

Shall I compare thee to a summer’s day?
Or concede to Morrissey that pretty girls make graves
I’ve shed the serpents skin and lost my head like Ann Boleyn
While rough winds do shake the darling buds of May
I ask you for this glance through vast expanse of thin veneers
Steered by butterfly eyes while drinking drinks of siren’s tears
I fear the reaper cause it’s hard like heavy metal
When the beasts that you beat off are handsome devils
Yet, the consequence of compliments
Is that I am graced with graces periodic like the elements
Her imminence influences subatomics
So I want to do her right
Like Shakespeare does a sonnet