Microphone yo… corazon yo…

No doubt, lyrics, yo A.L., check it
What you say son?

Raw creation, my nation is trapped, packed like animals
Hannibal canibals lurkin in streets which are flammable
A rastless, hustler’s aimin, for the intangible meat
I’m too deep, checkin if beats are compatible
Brain lit off shots, body counts become plural
Hand me a mic, I paint a picture on your mural
Vision of streets, summer’s blood, when you need peroxide
Never on the cop’s side since my man’s pops died
Nuttin’s correct to life it’s lopside, and cockeyed
I ain’t Popeye, so I front hard, to make my glock hot
Thoughts react to the impossible, kill the probable
Constable obstacles, haunt me like my future in a hospital
Until them days, my ways’ll be unstoppable
Undroppable, undodgeable, mainly focus illogical
To know it to show it the poet’ll grab the Moet
I blow it before I flow it, topics I sew it pockets I dought it
Legitimate cash is the only thing I cream
So the knowledge I fiend, until I raise my seed
Too much greed exceeds, leaves the next man to bleed
Little kids don’t read, they’re out of touch with we
So I proceed, to make you hear it, just to lead you
with spirits of lyrics, cause I need you, I need you
No doubt son

Lyrics I need you, I breed you, I need you
Lyrics… I need you, I breed you
Lyrics… I need you… I breed you
Lyrics… I need you, I breed you

Check it
I civilize the unwise when I rise to my potential
The instrumental, enables me to move my pencil
Coincidental, to Eintsein’s radical mental
Kickin shit like orientals far from gentle I’m essential

When I speak it yo I leak it I freak it, until you pee