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No After No Before


Mas letras de 1140 Mississippi

She smells like vanilla
Her mom´s from Manilla
It is dark and you walk down the street
You´re propped full of dope
Feel like Julian Cope
And you wanna go someplace to eat
She talks, you don´t listen
Something ´bout her sisters
It is fall and the trees have turned red
And you don´t like her looks
And she doesn´t read books
And sometimes you just wish she was dead
You just don´t love her anymore
There´s no after, no before
There is no sunshine in a fog
And love is a place where dog eat dog
So you start to ignore her
Like all the girls before her
And you hope she will leave by herself
But you´re stuck in a spiral
And fear is your rival
He shows up when you´re by yourself
So you worry and weep
´til you doze off to sleep
And you dream about her face in the sky
But you can´t make a sound
And you´re stuck to the ground
´cause even in dreams you can´t fly
You just don´t love her anymore