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Right Here For U


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Baby (One Twelve)
I know Im wrong cause (Be right here for you)
Youve already got a man (Oooh, one twelve, yahBe right here for you)
But I see the way he treats you (Oooh one twelve)
And I know I can treat you a lot better (Be here right here for you)
Whenever you need me, Ill be right here for you (Q, Mike, Slim, Daron)

Baby you dont have to cry
So wont you wipe the tears from your eyes
Girl I need for you to see
With me is where you know you need to be
Whatever it is
Girl dont hesitate to call me
You dont have to worry bout a thing
Cause Ill be right here waiting for you

Whatever he wont do
Ill do
Whatever you need
Ill give to you
Whenever you cry
Ill cry with you
Baby just call on me
And I will be right there
Right there for you

Whenever you think of me
Know that Im thinking of you
And how can I get you to see
That youre somewhere you aint suppose to be
Just give me one chance
To prove to you Im a better man
Never break apart
Youll always be in my heart
Whatever he wont do
You know Id do it for you


Ill do things for you
Like that man wont do
Ill prove my love to you
Girl Ill die for you
Ill hold you tight
All through the night
To let you know
Itll be alright
You are my world
Please be my girl
I promise you
My love is true
Ill make love to you
Ill take care of you
Girl Im gonna show you that Im
Right here for you

[Chorus X2]

Oh Baby
Be Right There for You

Ooooh ooooh
Ill be right here for you.
Ill be right here for you

Right there for you