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Shes So Shy


Mas letras de 22 Pistepirkko

shes so shy
shes so shy
everybody know
shes so shy
she wont even say
whats her name
somebody said
shes never been on dates
I didnt know which way to go
now Im standing on her door
she didnt say yes or no
I told her I love you so
I took her by the hand
asked her name
she said; «Sue»
then she kissed me
come little Sue what we gonna do
what about movies or drink or two
name your game, dance or play
she only said oh its ok
she so shy
she so shy
oh everybody
knows shes so shy
then she took me by the hand
asked my name
and said I love you
then she kissed me
I didnt know what to say x4
no no no