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Mas letras de Matchbox 20

Still don't mean nothin
Was written on the concrete
The words weren't on my tongue
So we don't talk about it
Day nor evenin, fashion or superman
Just little warped people, with little black minds

Well I wasn't sure just what to think
Say the lights went out
Somebody, somebody swing
Don't wanna, don't wanna talk anymore
Somebody swing, don't wanna talk

What if we're tainted

Who can we lie to
What if we're dying
Would you just walk around it


Set your balance, keep your head down,
Watch your anger boy, realize you could know
This is balance, look for reason,
This don't have to make sense to anybody at all
Then everybody, won't you swing

No still don't mean nothin
Words written all over the concrete
All over the concrete
Rage gets you out, so you swing