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Mas letras de 3 Minute Hero

eat the tangerine
eat the tangerine
eat the tangerine will treat you well
when i was young i used to read the funny papers and i’d
eat my tangerine and
when i was done i’d be rolling on the floor laughing at the
funny things that i had seen but
there was one strip yeah it filled me full of hatred and i
think you know you know what i mean
it was the circle at the bottom with those circle headed kids by
that yellow bellied mother scratcher — bil keane
that’s why i…..
used to have a job — nothing special it paid five twenty-five
every so often a customer’d walk in
just to remind me that i was alive
but then one day my boss said, «jeff, grab a chair» —
he said «i’m gonna have to take you take you aside»
well the dirty bastard fired me but lucky for him
i had my tangerine to keep me from homicide
that’s why i….