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The Hardest Part of Breaking Up Is Getting Back Y


Mas letras de 2gether

Written by Josh Schwartz and Brian Kierulf

It’s been so long, since I’ve seen your face
So long since I’ve been to first base
I really miss, the feel of your kiss
But can I have back my things
Before I get really pissed

You had my heart, my soul, my attention
Don’t you walk out of my life
With my CD collection

Breakin’ up is hard enough
Say you have nothing, but I called your bluff
You’ve got my sweaters, my hat
I can’t find my cat
The hardest part of breaking’ up
Is getting back your stuff

So tell me girl, do I hafta to say please
Or do I hafta involve the police
There was a time, when I trust you alone
I call you up girl, but you took my phone

You borrowed stuff everytime I turned my back
I can’t believe I went out with a


Man, you ever break up with a girl that just keeps your stuff?
Man, what’s up with that?
I don’t know, man
Somethin’ wrong, you know what I’m sayin’?
Somethin’ wrong with that

Mickey Parke up in this mud
Here we go, one two
Yeah, yeah, yeah

You plus me, it doesn’t equal us
You took my car, now I gotta take the bus
I thought I had a girl that I could trust
I guess I never knew my calculus

(Chorus 2x