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You Fucked Up My Life Bonus Track 14 On The Tom Version


Mas letras de 182 Blink

Verse 1)
I’m sick of always hearing
all the sad songs on the radio
all day it is there to remind
an oversensitive guy
that he’s lost and alone yeah
I hate our favorite restaurant
our favorite movie
our favorite show
we would stay up all through the night
we would laugh and get high
and never answer the phone

I can’t forgive
can’t forget
can’t give in
what went wrong
‘cause you said this was right
you fucked up my life

(Verse 2)
I’m sick of always hearing
sappy love songs on the radio
this place, it’s fuckin’ cursed and it’s plagued
and i can never escape
when my heartache explodes

(Repeat Chorus)

I’m kicking out fiercly
at the world around me
what went wrong

(Repeat Bridge 3x’s)

I’m kicking