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You Go Girl


Mas letras de 2 Live Crew

I don't use Massengil, I use my own kinda douche powder
Y'know I mix it, I mix it myself
Y'know what I put in it? (Yeah? What?)
Alum! (Yeah!!) LSD! (ha ha!) And Kentucky Fried Chicken!
(*cheering*) I mold it together, baby!
I mold it together, honey!
Oh, that alum, lemme tell ya somethin
That alum makes it tight (right!)
LSD makes it outta sight (yeah!)
And Kentucky Fried Chicken make it finga lickin good!

[You go girl]
[Go girl!]
[You go girl]
[Go girl!]
[You go girl]
[Go girl!]
[You go girl]
[Go girl!]
[You go girl]
[Go girl!]
[You go girl]
[You go girl]

[Fresh Kid Ice]
Get on the dance floor
And move your body til ya can't no, more
Touch the ground

Cause I like the way you doo-doo brown
You make me wanna flip
Plus I love the way you shake them, hips
>From side to side
Always keepin my nature on the rise
Cause you got it goin on
And you're the only one havin fun
Watchin the niggas sweat
And how it feels when you're wet
Doin what you want til it hurts
As RuPaul say, You'd Better Work
Shake ya ass til it twirls
[You go girl]

[Go girl!]
[You go girl]

You know you got it goin on, honey dip, I swear
Two niggas takin care of you, and doin up ya hair
You used to look shady but ya changed ever since
Now it's all about the leather boots and sequins
Tellin niggas don't holla if ya can't get the snap
Got a diamond name plate and a neckace to match
Diamonds on ya hand, sippin on cham'
Niggas wanna holla but ya say I got a man
The bitch is so fly if they're goin' off in her, G
Now look at honey dip,